Tzologeist Grimagog (bailzzararco) wrote in lived_before,
Tzologeist Grimagog

How do you remember?

Just wondering. How is it that some of you remember your past lives. Is it like you remember them the same way you remember things that happened in this current life? Are they remembered as in you just know for sure they occured, but you don't consciously remember them? Did you remember them like you remember your dreams, and you just know they're real? In my case I am just aware of them, but mostly I don't really consciously remember those past lives, but for tiny slivers of memories. I keep remembering a room in particular. I am positive I have never actually been in this room in this life time. I just plain and simply know it without a doubt. A room with very tall windows all along one side, the ceiling is very high. It's a meeting room with a long dark colored wooden table. There are other tiny slivers of memory, but mostly it's just I know things, and then there is the stuff I have uncovered in past life dreams.

In one of my endevors to uncover more information about past lives, I have been paying close attention to my feelings and reactions to things, and I ponder the whys of them. For example, I get instantly angry when I ask someone to do something and they don't do it right away, and it's not just simply annoyed, I get that hot feeling behind my eyes, and feel a sneer coming across my mouth, but then I quickly rationalize and repress the on coming temper tantrum, but I don't know where that comes from. My parents profess all the time I was a very well behaved child, and never prone to tantrums, even during the so called terrible-twos. My brother was another story. I was the perfect angle, and he was the cholicy one. So it's not a trait of being spoiled. Then I look around my house and notice what I collect. I collect little boxes, and it's hard for me to part with them. I also love fish themed things, and often use the saying "fish" things out. My co-worker was the one to pointed it out to me, sort of mocking me because of my over use of the term. For that I suspect I might have been a fisherman in one of my past lives, it would fit nicely in with the boat dreams. The boxes...well, I have no idea where that could come from, and the "do it now or face my wrath" attitude, is another mystery trait. I don't know of any past lives where I would have had that kind of power to tell people what to do, and then be within my rights to go totally psycho about it when they don't.
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