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Secret Agent?

For a while now I have been mulling over the very peculiarness of my dreams which are past life related. Keeping in mind there is often a blending of current stuff involved and keeping that in mind, I wondered why in the heck are these past life dreams so full of strange machines, medicine, and other highly techincal stuff, etc. I was trying to think of a reason why such things would occur, why would any life be so full of the rare and bizarre, so currently I am entertaining the idea that I might have been a secret agent in a couple of my past lives. I can find several instances in my delibreate past life dreams, explorations, etc. where I seem to be doing something daring and secretive for a government. I usually hesitate to consider anything so glamorous, but then again maybe that's a problem. I think we all do that to an extent (for fear of deluding ourselve, and I think none of us want that )and perhaps we are cheating outselves when we do that. Heck, SOMEONE was all those famous or extrodinary people, right? It would sort of make sense such a strange life would be the too striking to not remember at least a little. Thoughts?
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