Tzologeist Grimagog (bailzzararco) wrote in lived_before,
Tzologeist Grimagog

Here's another sample of automatic handwriting.

Behind a cut because it's very long, with a long description.

Some of the letters actually look very clear, and I was doing something much different than I have been doing in the past. I was trying to uncover a name from a past life in one of the times, and then trying to find meaning to an element in a dream I had. The first line of stuff, which is the series of funny looking shapes was when I was concentrating on an image I remembered from a dream. The piece of the dream involved finding a bowl of stones with markings on them, and among the marks was the circle with the even armed cross in it. So I was just picturing those stones in my head and the funny little series of shapes came of that, though I have no idea what they have to do with what I was thinking. I wondered why the shapes got less intricate as they went along. Each shape represents a different attempt. I pictures the stones from the dream, and then I drew the first funny shape. The shape meant nothing to me, so I tried again, getting a similar but smaller shape, etc. until I got the smallest shape you see at the left. I gave up trying to get anything useable.

The next four lines were where I was thinking about who might have had something to do with the symbols on the stones. As you can see for yourself, they sure look like writting, but it's illegible.

The next two lines I was testing to see if anything at all could be legible, when I asked what my name is. Whatever entities refer to be by either of the two names, Bailzzararco (where I got my screen name) and Lassius, or variations of Lassius, like Yassius, Assius, or Yassi.

The very last line is the most interesting. I was thinking about another past life dream. In the dream I shouted out my name. I couldn't remember it, so I was trying to see if I could write it out. Although the letters are more or less legible, I am pretty sure this is not a name that came out, but unfortunately, I have no idea what it means. I think the first letter is a letter B, but it could also be an E

The results were encouraging, because some of the letters are indentifiable, but at the same time the results are also very frustrating, because I have no idea what the stuff other than my names mean.
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