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A few more for the collection

It's been a while since I've actually penned up my memories to these boards, but I've got a few more since then, so here goes.

Just little things. Little flashes, or small scenes that I recall.

I remember standing on the edge of land, ankle deep in sea water. A thick forest barely ebbs for the sake of this tiny beach, and the sand is thicker than any I've stood in this life. There is drift wood all around me. Little pieces of something man crafter are floating to shore on the green and white waves.

I look down, and see my skin is very dark, and tanned looking. Like a near black bronze. I'm naked, and I have no reason to question it. I hear sounds of angry birds defending their mates, or territories. I hear leaves slapping eachother in the wind. In the water right before me is something shiny, half engulfed by wet, mucky sand.

I crouch down and pick it up in my left hand. A long dirty twine is attached to the head. It seems a familiar instrument to me, but I'm not sure of it's use. So I just look at it. Stare into it.

And I felt... like I was meant to be somewhere else... but I was afraid to leave.

I notice that the vast majority of lives I recall are female. Also, I'm almost ALWAYS by a great body of water. Even this life, though the ocean is not within walking distance, technology has made it so I'm really not that far.

Another memory..

I was a small girl chasing another girl-this other girl was wearing a grey dress. She had wavy brown hair that reached approximately mid-back. Her face was light and freckled, and her eyes were a chocolatey brown. We were running through a field of yellow flowers, away from approaching threatening storm clouds off in the distance.

Laughing as we ran, I fell down. It seemed important that I did, but I can't for the life of me say why. I pulled myself back up, and we kept running.
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